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When I read the EXIF data through Elements 3 for photo's taken with a Nikon D80, the shutter speed field is blank, but the f stop, focal length, ISO selection etc. are shown.

(It may be noted that the shutter speed is shown for photo's taken with a Canon G3.)

Any thoughts as to why the shutter speed data is not shown for the D80 photos even though it is viewable through Nikon View?

-------------------- Bill
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Canon P&S cameras have a proprietary way of listing their EXIF data as well. ISO does not show up in the expected place and thus will not show on many EXIF data readers. The following procedure converted Canon's ISO data so that other EXIF data readers can see it. Some modification to the bat file will be required by you to convert your hidden data to be seen as well.

Download file EXIFTOOL {will be named exiftool(P).exe, or similar}, rename it to exiftool.exe.

Then use Notepad to make a BAT file with the following text (all one line):

Exiftool "-comment<ISO=$camera
iso" "-EXIF:ISO<ISO" -overwrite_original_in_place *.jpg

Copy this text and paste it into Notepad and save it as exiftoolOK text file. Then rename file to exiftoolOK.bat.

Place the exe and bat file into a subdirectory of your choice. I made this directory "Conversion" for ease of remembering Then copy your picture files to here. Double click on the bat file. This will fix the ISO problem I mentioned above. Similarly, change the ISO (3 places) in the bat file to be for the value that is not showing in your EXIF data.

The site you get to to download the EXIFTOOL file has a list of items that you use to show. Google "EXIFTOOL" to find it.:-)

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Thank you for the hint.

I'll follow up and see what I can do.

------------------------- Bill
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