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I called Corel directly and tried to get a response for this question but that was a disheartening experience to say the least. They had me on hold for 15 min just to speak to someone then she did not know so she transferred me to some tech guy, where I waited an additional 20 min, where I got disconnected as soon as he said hello. So half hour lost and no response. So I call again and the gatekeeper "customer service" person starts going on about some court issues about altering a picture and if it didnt print on the pic when it was in the camera it would not be addmissable or something to that nature. I was thinking:'what the f#@& is this guy talking about?' He said you have to enter the date as text to a picture. I asked if PSP can go into the EXIF file and extract it and just label it on the picture and he said no.
Now after all this I am doubting what he said because some other photo editors offer this feature and I dont think he understood what I was saying.
Sorry for the rant but as you can imagine I am not to happy with Corel but am still willing to give them a chance if the software offers what I want.
Does anyone know if PSP 11 has a date stamp that can imprint the date from the EXIF file and if this can be done as a batch and does it offer different styles of imprint like watermark and such.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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just looked at my version of PSP XI and yes, it has watermarking.

but there is NO date stamping. hope i helped you in your question.
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You can certainly use the scripting functions in PSP to retrieve the exif data and then write whatever you like onto the image.

If you go here http://www.fabriceroux.com/pspscripts/index.html

and download his scripts - they are free!! you will find one which writes a signature and the EXIF year onto an image - Hope that helps
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