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It sounds like Jim's answer was pretty through, as well as all the other responses! I also have an *ist D and have Photoshop CS (but not "2), having just graduated from Elements. I couldn't run PS on my computer at the time and just upgraded. I am finding enough to keep me busy without upgrading to CS2. First I need to relearn it!
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Wanting to upgrade from Elements 4.0 to PS CS2 I was about to take the plunge when I purchased a Wacom Intuos3 6x8. In the box was a promo to save 50% on PS CS2. Though the supplied ID number from Wacom didn't work at Adobe, Wacom issued me one that did work. So for $300 +/- I was able to make my upgrade.

As to eBay versions . . . about a year ago I purchased a copy that in fact turned out to be pirated. I contacted eBay, the seller, and Adobe. I got my money back including s&h, a thank-you from Adobe and plugged away using my non-registerable version of PS. Not a great experience.
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I read your detailed response above in this thread. A lot of good stuff but it is confusing to me. Let me give you background on whatI am doing today and then I will ask my question(s), if you don't mind.

Iown PS CS2 and having fun in learning it. eventually I am planning to upgrade to CS3 when it is available. My skill level is novice at this time.

Now my questions: Why would I need to try Linux and all these other tools available on it whileI have CS2 going to CS3? Would i get better point solutions in these tools? Would they save me time? Do they offer something not available in CS2?

I am looking forward to the response to remove my confusion.
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If you already have PS CS2 and it does what you need it to, then you're fine if you like using it.

I was just giving some alternatives to Photoshop, and some of them (like DigiKam and Krita) are not available for Windows. A number of the products mentioned are available for Windows, too (Cinepaint, Gimp, Lightzone, Bibble, Pixel, and more).

You'd need to decide if they work better or worse for the types of things you do in an editor. There are pros and cons to any of them, and everyone may not want to spend the money for the latest version of Photoshop to process their images, since there are less expensive (or even free) alternatives.

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could i just add one comment to this thread, that is that if u are not creativly minded then its not going to make any difference what version u own. photoshop isnt really a click n fix software, it lets u go far beyond that, and it does take huge amounts of time to learn what it can do

i have used it since version 4 and still learning new stuff, i use it for not only editing pics but making buisness cards, adverts, flyers, websties etc etc.

i think the elements version is more than enough for most people and if later u want more then go for a big version of cs2/3

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Photoshop Elements, and the raw converter software that came with the camera(not Nikon).

Also fo rthe Pentax you can use Picasa to look at raw files but I'm not too sure if it converts properly.
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OK - I settled for a solution for now:
- GIMP/UFRAW for 8bit on Windows and Linux
- PL32 for 16bit + dcraw or RSE if the need arises
- Image Analyzer for some special things like deconvolution
- will probably add autopano for stitching/overlaying and HDR

I can cover my basic needs with less than 200,00 EUR on image manipulation software and still have a HUGE load of functions and compatibility.

Thanks for all the hints. Can't go the Linux route on main PC... so have to stay at Windows stuff.

If you are on a budget and can't afford PS - have a look at pl32.com and see if it can do the job for you.
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Keoeeit wrote:
Which version is enough? I had enough after v5.5. There haven't been any significant improvements since then that would be worth my bother.

I've since moved onto PhotoLine-32. It does far more than PhotoShop ever has.
Ya, also look into PSP XI it is fantastic and it has everything anybody would want, and it's also 500.00 dollars cheaper than Photoshop CS3.
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