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I have a friend that asked me how to insert a text file plug-in with CS2. He asked me because I usually help him out with computer related problems. I work on computers a lot but I don't really us adobe that much so I am clueless on how to insert the plug in.

I am not sure what type of text file format it is, he just said that he downloaded a plug in for a particular text format that he needs to use. Is there a special folder that I am supposed to put that text file in or is it something else.

This is where he downloaded the fonts. I am not sure if it is compablie with adobe or not.
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That is a site for different types of fonts. You just choose the font the you want to use and download it to your computer. You install it under fonts by going to control panel an click on fonts under the classic view. The Photoshop software will include it after this and you can use it for text.
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or what i do is when u unszip the font file extract it to c:/windows/fonts

it wont show up until u restart photoshop, then it will be on the drop down menu

fonts are not pluigins, plugins live inside the plugins folder in photoshop, they normaly sefl install there

u can also install "dingbats" as well as "fonts"

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