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Hi gang,

When ever i edit a raw file, the image has automatically been adjusted by Bridge to what it perceives to be the optimum image settings ie automatically adjusting highlights, shadows, exposure etc.

Is there a way to stop it doing this, so that my raw file stays the same as taken on camera. It's not so bad when i open raw editor as i just hit ctrl-u and it resets but when i'm in raw viewer it really hacks me off as i the automatic adjustments are [email protected] nornmally and it makes it hard for me to see which shots are goodand worthy of further attention.

Many thanks!
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Here is my off the top of head remembrance so don't consider it exact documentation: In Bridge Preferences for Camera Raw uncheck the default boxes, then open any raw file in Bridge and after adjusting it the way you want save those settings. That becomes the new default to see freshly opened images.
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