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I have a pic which I have edited/enhanced in PhotoShop Elements 4. When I downloaded it to Kodak, I received the follwoing error message,

"Image resolution is too low for high-quality prints at the selected size".

Can anybody please tell me how or if it's possible to change the resolution of the pic so I can get a 4x6 & 5x7?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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You do not want to take the image that had too little resolution and bring it up to a higher resolution for printing. The image doesn't have enough photographic information for a good print. Doing an upsample to a higher resolution will not increase that photographic information and will still give you a poor print.

You need to start with the original image and use a different workflow resizing it. For a 5 X 7, select the crop tool and put 7 inches in the width and 5 inches in the height (or the other way round). Put NOTHING in the resolution box. Crop the image. Do nothing else with the sizing of the image unless you check the image size box and see you ended up with too little resolution. That will happen only if you crop out only a small portion of the image or if your camera is extremely low Mp. I would say to leave it at the resolution it crops to as long as it is over 150 PPI.

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What resolution does the Kodak site consider to be "high quality"?

The holy grail of resolution for printing is 300ppi, but, as slipe mentioned, you can get by with a lot less and still get decent results.

A 3 megapixel image will give you a 5x7 at 300ppi.

Did you, by any chance, change the resolution in Elements to get a faster upload to Kodak? Or crop the shot so severely that there just aren't enough pixels left to give you a good resolution at the target print size? Or take the original shot at a smaller than optimal size in-camera?

Seems to me that to really address your question, we have to know the reason why the resolution isn't up to standards, as the "fix" is dependent on the cause.

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Thanks to all for your feedback. I'll follow your recommendations.... !
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