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Hey guys,

I still use Photoshop 5.5 and like it a lot. Very basic, with a clean, functional interface.

Interested in CS3 to work with raw images. How is the bloat factor? CS2 was a pretty awful version in my experience. Is CS3 any better/slimmer?
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there are a few vesrions of cs3, of top of my head i think there are 4.

the basic one is aimed at photographers, id say it would be cs2 with more new and better functions, cant see em taking a step backwards and getting rid of stuff

when u say bloated do u mean the extra stuff thats included or the amount of system it hogs?

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Not sure what you mean by "bloated". I've gone from version 3 to 4 to 5.5 to 7 to CS. Each has been better than the one before. I skipped CS2 only because I have plug-ins that do the few extra things I think I would use like deconvolution and lens correction. I'll definitely upgrade to CS3 and will probably find things I would have used that were also in CS2.

Version 5.5 doesn't handle a large image with multiple layers and a long history any better than CS as far as RAM use and other resources. But CS has a better interface and lots of great tools not in 5.5. I find the 5.5 interface anything but clean and functional compared to CS. I would probably switch to Paint Shop Pro XI rather than go back to Photoshop 5.5.

I anticipate CS3 will just be an evolution of CS2 without anything left out and a few more features added. Each version seems to improve the interface a little as well.

I guess you know you can't upgrade from 5.5 to CS3. Version 7 is the lowest available for upgrade.

If you don't use actions or advanced color management, Elements handles raw well. If you want actions and some color management you can get Paint Shop Pro XI on Ebay for $30 in the CD-only version. I got a copy of PSP X a few months back for the vector integration and have been impressed with the capability. The CD-only versions are the full program and legally registerable with Corel. I don't like PSP as much as Photoshop, but a good deal of that is familiarity.

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What I meant by bloat is not feature content but inefficiency.

CS2 took WAY too long to start up and would go unresponsive while it initialized. Small operations took what felt to be a fraction of a second too long, adding up to a general feeling of sluggishness

Tried CS3

CS3 starts up in "OK" amount of time, and the interface feels zippier. Not by much, but significantly better than before. OObviously 5.5 runs circles around it, but I think the added functionality of cs3 make it worth it.

I HATE that it installs all that extra crap through best way is to delete the offending executables from the install dir before running setup

I just want PS and bridge. Not Adobe stock photos and friends
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Each version has upped the necessity to have additional RAM and CPU speed to handle the bigger files andassociated new processes. To now I've gotten by with my 3 1/2 year-oldmachine, which is run with an Intel 1.95GhzCeleron single coreprocessor and1GB of RAM because CS and CS2 had/have a "suggested" minimum of Pentium 3 or Pentium 4 processors.

Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Lightroom bothonly suggest Pentium 4's at a minimumand 2GB of RAM, soI will not bemaking that upgrade until I've upgraded my machine. Adobe Bridge is a huge drain and drag on my system.
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