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I used Proshow Gold to do my wedding slide show and it worked flawlessly with the exception of the DVD player operator that kind of screwed up the beginning. We tested the slide show prior to opening the reception doors and when we stopped it it didn't go back to the beginning so during the reception when we turned it on it started from about 30 seconds into the slide show.

On many DVD players you need to press stop 2X to go back to the beginning and this guy didn't know that so he had to rewind it back to the beginning which kind of spoiled some of the Google Earth video I had inserted.

One thing I can say about slide show software is never ever run the slide show from a laptop. Always always always burn the slide show to a DVD. I have been to so many weddings, graduation parties, and baby parties where the slide show was run from a laptop and it took so long to get it working right. Many of these slide shows were done by so called "professionals" that were paid and they still manage to screw it up...and it looks like crud to see the Windows desktop cluttered with a billion icons as the first screen when they turn it on.
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I have to agree with those talking about the ProShow Gold software. I would love to have the Producer version but the Gold does everything I need. Easy to use and customer service is quick and reliable for any questions or problems. If you want to see what the newer version will do for you check out a couple of my slideshows by visiting http://www.photodex.com and click on Browse Member and then put in wyomingwiseman. You will see a variety of shows. I love using the music I have and using some Photoshop effects. At $70 bucks, I made it back on one slideshow. Go for it.

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You can put down another vote for Proshow Gold. I have no experience with producer, but it's a lot more money and doesn't seem to offer much more? Their service is incredible. You can call technical support during the day on Sat. and Sun. for free. That's just about unheard of now a days.

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