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I am looking for help on the best way to get started learning Photoshop. Books,DVD, tutorials. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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The best way to learn photoshop is to just play with it. try different things. Their are many good tutorials on line, just do a google search. If you have a specific question feel free to message me.
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Greetings. I am trying to learn photoshop as well. Here's some of my favorite sites I have gained some knowledge... now if I could just keep from forgetting what I learn *lol* doh!






This will keep you busy for while *lol*

good luck! :|

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Download iTunes and do a search for photoshop tutorials - several freebies.I am also learning PS but have used other editors. The videos are a real help.
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This is also a good site, i also just ordered Scott Kerby CS2 book i read that it is a very good book, we'll see. http://www.tutorialized.com/tutorials/Photoshop/1
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I too have had problems with photoshop. I have purchased two dvd.s from one magazine called Digital Photo these two videos are brilliant. One is called getting started in photoshop Layers&Selections and the other. is getting stared in photoshop The complete guide for digital photographers these two have helped me as much as any reading on the subject that I have done.


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I personally used both Kelby's book and the Total Training DVD's with Deke Mclelland...very good stuff indeed. Started with little knowledge but these two resources got me off and running quickly without a steep learning curve.

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My suggestion is for you to look into the (National association of photoshop users) at http://WWW.PHOTOSHOPUSER.COM

NAPP is really good for learning just how to use most of the features in photoshop. They offer discounts on many digital photography products and learning DVD's. If you join the cost is $99.00 a year which includes a monthly magazine that is really informative. Right now B&H offers free three day UPS shipping to NAPP members. Many other company's offer special discounts to NAPP members.

Last month I was sent a special magazine on Adobe Lightroom.

This month I was sent a magazine on photoshop CS3

They came with my photoshop user magazine at noextra charge.

It is well worth looking into even if you think you know all about photoshop.


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