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Default Photoshop Elements

:?: I bought Photoshop Elements 2 years ago but never installed
it. Is it still up to date or should I scrap it. I want to learn the
latest in image editing. What are its advantages (what can it
do) and why would I want a newer version? Thanks, again.

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The latest version is 2.0. The original one is really pretty good. Might try installing it and seeing how you like it. The newer version has a few new tricks, but anything you learn on the older version is transferrable to the new one.

Upgrading to version 2.0 costs around $30-45, depending where you buy it. No word yet when 3.0 will come out, but I'll buy it when it does.

All the Photoshop plug-ins I've tried work in either version.
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Default 3000 query

I answered in another forum but I will again in case you miss it.
Hold down CTRL-ALT-SHIFT when you boot the program. There is a file that needs to be deleted. Should work fine then. BTW Elements 2 is not an upgrade, it is a full fledged program. Adobe may still be offering a $30 disc. for previous owners and Amazon had an add'l. $30 disc. when I bought it which brought the total price under $30. DEAL! Great Program.
Old Bob
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