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I need some advice. I need to upgrade my computer and have decided to go with Vista OS (probably a mistake) instead of staying with XP. Problem comes down to software. I will need to upgrade photoshop ..I'm currently running CS no upgrades. My question is anyone have an opinion on a non photoshop product that is easier to use, readily available, vista compatable and not nearly as expensive a photoshop. I will be really interest to hear your thought! Thanks
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Try the Ulead website, at:http://www.ulead.com/runme.htm

I still use XP, so am not sure how well it works with Vista, but the latest version is, I believe compatible. To me, it is much simpler than PS, but if you are used to PS, changing over to the object oriented functions may be confusing, being used to layers. PI does use both, but was developed with objects, and the layers added later to appease the Photoshop users.

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notmyfault wrote:
I need some advice. I need to upgrade my computer and have decided to go with Vista OS (probably a mistake) instead of staying with XP.
Is it a new computer or an upgrade to an existing one? Most new PCs come with Vista. But, if you shop around a bit, you can still find some with XP.

You may also want to look at the Dell Outlet, where they have factory reconditioned and "scratch and dent" models for sale at reduced prices. You may be able to find a good deal with one using XP there:


As for an editor, what you are trying to do? It sounds like you want something easier to use compared to PS. But, do you need it's power (layers, etc.), or are you just looking for something that allows basic corrections (color, contrast, sharpening, cropping, etc.)?

This subject comes up from time to time. Here is one recent thread on the subject with a few software packages mentioned in it.


If you don't have anything specific that you need Windows for, you may also want to consider Linux as an alternative. There are hundreds of different Linux distributions to choose from now (and the majority of them are free). This site tracks many of them:


Image Editing applications are improving all the time for this Operating System. I've got XP Pro and two different Linux distributions installed on my PC, and tend to use Linux much more than Windows anymore. It's pretty simple to install Linux in a dual boot configuration, so that you can boot into either operating system as desired.

I use applications like digiKam for Image Management and basic corrections (USM, Color, Contrast, Curves, etc.), and Gimp or Cinepaint when I need to do more. You can even get a version of Picasa that runs on Linux now, and Bibble has a Linux version available if you are looking for a raw converter (although even digiKam can handle that for you, and there are a number of other free alternatives available).

A number of Windows applications will also run in Linux under Wine (a free package that lets you use some Windows apps under Linux). For example, I've used the Faststone Image Viewer and Raw Shooter Essentials in Wine.

You can also run a copy of Windows inside of a virtual machine in Linux if even better compatibility with Windows Applications is desired.

Many of the popular Linux distros around come with a lot of pre-installed software for every tasks (Gimp, Open Office, Firefox, and more). You can even get a version of Picasa for Linux now.

Here's an example of what the free digiKam for Linux provides. It's great for Image Management and basic corrections (no layers though).


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