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I recently had to do a complete reinstall of windows XP due to a virus attack (more like an full on world war). It wasn't all that much of a bother, being that this install of windows lasted me almost 6 years and was begining to feel a little bloated. It was time for a fresh install and the virus game me a good excuse for it.

After downloading all most recent drivers for my peripherals, the first software installed was Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom 1.1.

I noticed that lightroom was much slower than it had been on my old bloated previous installation, specifically with the crop tool, which lagged significantly with every movements of the crop tool.

So after trying various windows tweaks to get the system up to old speeds, I thought of the fact that I had downloaded the newest Ati drivers which was version 7.8, but on my old install, I was using 7.7 I doubted this would change anything but since I had basicaly tried everything else, I gave it a go.


I'd say that lightroom is about 35-45% faster now!!!

Thought I'd let you people in on this incase there are those of you suffering from the same problem.

PS I should mention that I always install the drivers only and never the Catylyst software that comes with it because;

a) It completely bloats your systems and
b) It hijacks all colour management software
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yeah, thats - real features from some(recent - "how" and "how much" - depends on Radeon Chip)ATi hardware.
and this tweakable(but not works anway in all version) separately by direct registry editing or tweakers like Riva Tuner , ATT or ATi Tray Tools.

p.s. Suprisingly - AVIVO Codec's/System Components - little slower and can eat all feedback from driver switching/tweaking or(almost inpredictible) makes whole system EVEN FASTER !!

p.p.s. Beware malware-infested "codec-packs" and related thing - cause lot of slowdown and/or erroneous work of many of many programms.

p.pp..s try out "pre-tweaked" driver-packs, such as(Personally recommend(accurate build)) n2o or Omega.
before testing - make FULL backup of system drive/partitions w/something like Norton Ghost pr PQ Drive Copy.

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