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After shooting JPG with my Nikon D100 for some time now, I am finally making the move to shoot RAW. Originally, I believe some software (Nikon Captrue?) came with my camera, but after 5 years I am sure it is way out of date.

I am looking for some suggestions/recommendations for software to process my NEF shots. I do have Adobe CS2, and have tried it with my RAW images, and seems to work ok, but I do not know how it compares to other software such as the current version of Nikon Capture or CaptureOne, or whatever else there is out there.

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I use Picasca--->http://http://www.picasa2.com/ for all of my RAW images and it worksvery well and user friendly....you can also edit the pictures as well....It can also transfer the images to jpeg and go straight towhatever yourassigned folder isfor pictures.
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You might find this link somewhat helpful: http://www.bythom.com/raw.htm

If you do a web search using terms like, raw converters comparison, you'll get a lot more stuff to look at!

Luck to you!

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thanks for the tip!
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I suspect if your software is out of date you can update it from Nikon.

There are a lot of programs available now and they run from free to $650+. I've used Bibble, Picture Window Pro, Silkypix, Elements, and Lightroom. Right now I'm using Lightroom.

You can download free thirty-day trials for most of the editing software and play with it a bit. Every program seems to have it's strengths and weaknesses and it's supporters and haters.

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My silly question...!

Mainly I use Picasa...but my Computer expert Son download for me the last version of "Raw Therapee 2.2" today I read that the "Extincting"...one named
"RawShooter essentials1.1.3" now with some improvements under Adobe's acquisition & named "Lightroom"..., is much easier to comprehend & faster to use? + still FREE!!!

it's that correctly? Any constructive information/advice will help me so much...please!:P


Alex 007:|
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