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I have a new computer and I just bought a Canon S5 but I dont know which Photoshop to get.

I went to the site but I dont understand the differences between 3or 7. It is to use with everyday family pictures and to have fun with not pro.

Could someone please help me. Thanks Cathy.
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The minimum you want to get is Photoshop 7. That one works most of the latest filters and plugins. I think 7 also allows you to play around with currency while later versions have a built in stop for doing that. In fact it might even be Photoshop 5 that allows currency manipulation. Not something you would use but it is fun to change peoples faces on a bill. Later than 7 and bells and whistles have been added.
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flaggirl1956 wrote:
It is to use with everyday family pictures and to have fun with not pro.
You may want to consider Photoshop Elements instead of the full version. Elements can do nearly any photo correction you will need, and is much simpler to use, as well as being less expensive.

For that matter, there are a number of other editing programs, such as Paint Shop Pro and Photoimpact which could suit your needs for a price similar to Elements. All these have trial downloads, to let you find out which is most suitable for you.

Other options are freeware programs, like Irfanview, which, with a few plugins, can be a pretty comprehensive editor. Paint Dot Net is another freeware editor which has good funcionality. Picasa, free from Google, is well liked by a lot of people who don't need the advance features of Photoshop, but want to do basic things, such as correct exposure, color balance, contrast and color saturation, crop and resize.

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as a user of photoshop for many many years id suggest u get a copy of elements, its much much cheaper, then if u like it and think u still need the full blown thing then progress to higher version

its not easy for a newbie to use as its not just a photo editing suite but a full blown graphics editor as well, its not very user-friendly like dedicated editing software

you may also consider "lightroom" its by adobe but based more on photos

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Thanks everybody for your help. I will go and look at everything and choose one of them.

First I will have to learn how to use my camera.

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flaggirl1956 wrote:
... First I will have to learn how to use my camera ...
Good plan.

Until you get that under control (it could take a bit of time even if you are familiar with cameras and computers since digicams are a blend of the two) I'd emphasize Brian's point of looking at freeware or stuff you already have. Likely there is some primative editing software with your computer, and somthing is likely to have come with the camera.

Don't worry much about having to learn a new set of commands, menues, ... with different software. The difficult thing to learn about photo editing isn't how to do something, it is learning why you want to do something. Why would you want to mess with the saturation? Contrast? Sharpening? Which of those should be done in-camera and which in an editor.

By the time you figure out the stuff you have, and a couple of freeware programs, you will have a much better idea of what you might want to spend money on.
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7, because :
1. preceise w/8-bit color[/chanell] images( CS2/3 - vice versa(abot 16 bit/channel content.
2. works well under my debian 4 linux
3. low cost.
4. run fast !!
5. not trying to waste my time w constang activations requests(due to hw replacements(guests - frequent(w/digicams 4 example)) and/or thrashing system w/ suspicious/badly writenn and heavvyweight services.

p.s. my first love - late betas of 4's aka "Big Electric Cat"
a have it in my heart - FOREVER

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Everyone has favourites... here's mine. I use Paint Shop Pro. There are a couple of thngs I like more than elements -

1. it is much more powerful - for instance a full "curves" function. It is about the same price as elements yet has much more of the functionality of the full photoshop. You can use 16 bit images, it can read RAW files of most cameras.

2. the "organizer" is rudimentary but perfectly good and uses your actual computer file structure. Elements creates a separate catalogue and I was forever having trouble moving files around and maintaing the synchronization between elements' catalogue and my disk files.

3. I found colour calibration much easier with PaintShop then elements. My prints match my screen much more accurately.

4. Elements tends to be geared more to presentation of photos- making albums and such. Paintshop has less emphasis on that, but more and better tools to manuipulate images.

Others will no doubt prefer elements for good reasons... but I've removed it from computer, and use paintshop exclusively.

The nice thing is you can downlaod free trials of both and see which one 'feels" right to you.


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