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One thing I love about photoshop is the way you can use layers to adjust so many differnt things, yetalmost always be able to go back and independently 'tweak' those adjustments later. Unfortunatly the crop function is not so forgiving, once you apply it, it's applyed rather permanently, ie: you can't do a bunch more work on the image and then 'tweak' the crop margins easily later.

Does anyone know of a method wherby you set up a cropin a manner sort of like adding a layer,.. where you can go back and readjust it later? (You can do it in Googles freeware 'PICASA', it's really a very slickfeature!)


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If you might change your crop size just leave the cropping until the end. If you do everything at the original size until finished then crop it any way you want. I dont see your problem?
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I am a new member, so reading through the archives and replying late to this topic - I have a similar need to adjust crops when working in Photoshop. I like to 'see' the cropped version as I edit, but then often want to tweak it after I have done the work in layers.

I haven't found a photoshop method for this, but did make my own stopgap method which I use often.... I recorded an action to do this and set it togowith one of the function keys(but don't know how to forward it on to someone else)

I create a new layer- use the marquee tool to choose my crop - I invert my selection - then fill the inverted selection with a color that matches the 'background' of photoshop. (for me it's a light grey)

Of course, in the layers pallete you still see the full - uncropped image, but on the screen it shows the crop. Then I can also toggle the crop on and off, change it, or create a few crops and compare...

Hope that helps.
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