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I'm just getting into digital editing and would like your suggestion for an easy used software that would give me the basic options to fix the picture (ie sharpness, colours, brightness etc). I'm also wondering if there is a software on the market that can change shuttle speed and apperure after the pics are taking

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Picasa and Irfanview have good reputations and many fans -- and they're free.

Someone else in these forums recently mentioned Serif Photoplus 6 -- also free. Here's what the poster had to say:


Check out these programs on the web to see which offers you what you think you want. It's good to use freeware to help find out what you want in an editor, then if there isn't freeware that can provide it to you, it makes shopping for a commercial program easier and you're less likely to waste your money on something that either does too much or too little. I'm sure that a web search for picture editing freeware will turn up more candidates than I mentioned, but Picasa and Irfanview must be popular for a reason.

No software will let you change the shutter speed or aperture at which a photo was taken after the fact. But, software can simulate some of the effects of changing these things. You can make a picture darker or lighter, but you can't fix a shot that was blurred through motion of the camera or the subject like changing the actual shutter speed would.

Same with the selective focus effects you can get through changing the aperture. You can add selective blur to simulate the decreased depth of field that you could get using a wide aperture setting, but you can't refocus portions of a shot that are out of focus in the original photo. Some software can help if the focus is just a hair off, but nothing more.

I hope your experiences are good ones, and there are lots of people here who will be happy give advice and help solve problems!


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I use Photofiltre, the shareware version which is free. You can download it directly from the site
It's easy to use, will fix contrast and so on as well as help you straighten horizons.

I don't think there's anything that can fix shutterspeed once the picture's been taken, what is it you were hoping to be able to do?
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Try PhotoELF free for 30 days. PHOTOelf.COM.
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