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my shots come out of the camera around 2.3mb. If i process them with Picasa the processed shot will be around 1.5mb. If I do the same with photoshop elements the size will grow to around 2.9mb. Which is better for printing 4x6 or 5x7 prints at a printing shop? is there a significant difference at this size prints?
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The file size discrepancy is probably due to differing levels of JPEG data compression. I have not used elements, but in picasa, when you export an image, there is a drop down menu for setting the quality, in other words, the amount of data compression. You will most likely be fine with the defaults in picasa, but if you want to make sure everything is the best it can be adn you don';t care about file size, jack the slider up to 100%. You may want to do some tests. Export the same file several times with different percentages of compression and find out when you start to notice a degradation.
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David is right, and I would just add that the place to look for the JPEG artifacts that come with to much compression is at high contrast edges. Something like a dark roof line against the sky.

If these are being sent out on a CD, and you are not doing a large number, there is really no reason to spend the time to figure it out: just use the least amount of compression possible (largest file size).
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