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Hi Guys!
I am searching for the software which effectively manages passwords in my system. It's very inconvenient to login again and again in numerous websites. Is there any software which will help me in this? So please let me know.
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Download Mozilla Firefox web browser. It takes care of all of that for you. Everytime you are asked to put in a password it remembers what you entered and its there the next time. And if its something sensitive like your Bank Account it will ask if you want that remembered or not


It is far superior to Netscape or Internet Explorer. There are no pop-ups, SPAM, SpyWare, etc. and best of all its free.

There are various versions available like an Ebay one that helps track bids etc.

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Check this out:


Information/review links to many (supposedly) free utilities.

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Many, if not most, websites, have an option to remember your password and login name when you access your account. If this is not working for your, you may need to tell your browser to accept cookies from these sites. ( I set mine to accept first-party cookies) IE also can give you the option to remember your password.

Software which will let you find your login name and password for site which you have previously signed up for is available. If using Internet Explorer, try IE passview. It can be found at MajorGeeks .com

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brian thats all well and good till u clear out your history etc then there gone.

i allways use the same username and password for all forums etc then its easy :-)

if u are given a password you should most times be able to change it for your usual one

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There is number of software in the market but we have to choose the best one. For my system I am currently using http://roboform.software-com.com, it helps me a lot, and it works like my personal secretary. It has made my life bit more convenient. Now I don't need to login again and again need not to fill online application forms. With RoboForm what I need to do is just click the mouse and it automatically taken me to the homepage. Hope this will help you.
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This is now a bit problem….since you are using an older file system I guess you are right…everything wont go on this one. But, I hope that you have tried some….before going on the hunt for a new one. In our office we Recover Lost Files by a software that supports FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS and NTFSS file systems. This one really works well and is simple to manage…..you don't need to be an expert for that. This will be handy in solving your problem.

Hope this will get the data back!!!!

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