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Ok my last thought on your post "I think I may have been taken". After listening to your full explanation of things, it sounds to me like you tried to take advantage of someones financial misfortune to get yourself a good deal in an attempt to get something for nothing. If the seller is a member here he should be wining about being taken advantage of soon. In the meantime, were you taken advantage of?.....I hope so. Next time you want something go to the store and buy it.
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And that was the final "no arguement" sticking point. Either the original owner forgot about activating it or Adobe's computer system messed up.

So everything was packed up and returned. Refund is on it's way. No harm, no foul.

Ronnie, Thanks for pointing out the activate/deactivate thing.

Ronnie948 wrote:
The previous owner should have went to the help menue and clicked on "DEACTIVATE" from his computer beforesold itto you. He said he never registered it so you should be OK.

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