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Hi Guys,

Would anybody be able to offer me some advice re Photoshop Elementsver 4 and Windows Vista.

I have been using PS 4 on my main PC running on windows XPfor the last 2 years without any problems, however I have just purchased a new laptop PC with Windows Vista loaded on it.

PS 4 has loaded on OK but when I open it I get a message saying there are issues with PS 4 and Vista, click on the link to Adobe and download a fix to the problem.

However when I click on the link there is not an option there re Vista and if I try to download any of the other PS 4 updates nothing happens and Adobe crashes.

Apologies in advance if this has been discussed elsewhere on here, I did do a search but did not se anything related.

Thank You

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From what I can find out reading through threads about it, there is no patch to make Elements 4.0 more compatible with Vista (although there is a patch for 5.0 to help with Vsta compability). Now that Elements 6.0 is out, I wouldn't expect to see any patches to Elements 4.0 for Vista issues. But, you never know about these things.

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Have you tried running it in compatiblity mode? I understand that has been carried over to Vista, so you should be able to right-click on the application and select compatiblity for win xp.

I'm still on XP, but will likely wind up with a new Vista box soon, so let us know if and how well it works.

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I have experienced the same issue and the only fix (which is not really a fix) is to

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"right mouse on the program icon or name on the list of programs and select "run as administer"

That usually keeps things mostly smooth. The only problem I have really run into is that the program sometimes freezes up and you'll have to shut down (and lose any current work and the photos you have currently opened into the program) frustrating for sure if you are deep into any really creative stuff but I've found that the basic photo editing has not been troubled.

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Hi Brian,

Thank you for your reply, I am happy to say that your suggestion seems to have solved the problem, I am still playing around at the moment but since I took your advice the software has loaded, I have imported some photo's into it and I have managed some basic editing, all without freeze ups or crashing.

Fingers crossed for the future.

Thanks once again.

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Hi Becky,

Thanks for your reply, I took Brian's advice and at the moment all sems well, so if you are still looking for a fix take a look at his suggestion in this thread and see my reply to him.

Good luck

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