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I hope I'm asking this in the correct place. We just got a new computer and when we had it built my husband had Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 added on. I have no clue how to use it. My first question - is there a good website or something with easy toutorials on how to use PSE? And, for those of you who are familiar with PSE, could you please tell me how to put a frame around a picture? I've seen some on this forum like that, and they just look so nice! Please speak slowly - I'm a newbie. :lol:
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for nice tutorials www.pixel2life.com then go to photoshop

there are various plugins to add frames and if you search the internet you will find "actions" to make frames around images too

this is a link to some actions that make frames with examples.......dont think they are free though but u can find free ones http://www.shutterfreaks.com/Actions...cedFrames.html

you will have to see if they work with elements, they may well do

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Photoimpact 10 has lots of frames and frame effects to choose from

just load photo and double click on the frame you want.:idea: It's shareware



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Download iTunes, then do a search at the store for "photoshop elements tutorials". Many are free to download. Photoshop Elements Killer Tips is an especially good one but there are others.

Good luck.
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If you are not looking for fancy effects, but just a border, the quickest way is to use the Image menu > resize > canvas, and then select relative, and the number of pixels (or width in inches or cm), use the color picker to selct the color, click OK, and you're done.


Edit: I took a look at my PSE v3, and found it has some frames contained in the effects menu. Elements 6 should also have something available. (as you can guess, I don't use Element much)

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