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I just purchased the following equipment/software for a small Event Photography business I am starting:

1) Photoshop CS3 Master Collection

2) Nikon D 300 with wireless transmitter

3) New HP 17" Laptop

4) Sony UPDR-150 dye sub printer

I have noticed the the pictures in the LCD of the D300 and that of the Laptop...are spot on to each other, however...all my printed pictures are coming out significantly darker than what is presented in both the camera and the laptop.

Could someone possibly assist me in getting my settings properly set or at least to a neutral middle ground? I have already contacted my sales rep who sold me the printer and have verified I have installed the latest drivers etc....and have confirmed it's not on the printer side...but on the software side.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!


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Randy, is your laptop monitor calibrated properly -- such as with one of the many hardware-based calibrators?

If you're just eye-balling the picture on the camera LCD and comparing it to how it looks on the laptop screen, that can be deceptively inaccurate.

If you are after consistent results from camera to print, you need a display calibrator no matter what screen you're using.

If you've been a good boy this year, this might make your display and printer agree. But, you might find that even with a well-calibrated display, you might have to pop another $500.00 for a printer calibration kit that includes a spectrophotometer.

However, if all you need for this business is to have the laptop display agree with the output of that one printer (that is, you don't care how the digital file would look on anyone else's equipment), you can save yourself some bucks and do a "reverse adjustment" where you set the laptop display to look like what comes out of your printer. All you do is print a file from that laptop using the same paper you intend to do your professional printing on, and then adjust the laptop's display properties so that the screen image looks like the print. I've done this before just by eye and got very good results. But, as I cautioned earlier, any edited pictures done on that laptop will then only be printed well on that one printer/paper/ink combination (or a printer with similar image handling properties using that paper and ink).

I hope you make out okay without breaking the bank!

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