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I am running a trial version of Photoshop CS3 on a new Vista computer (Dell Precision 3400 with quad core CPU and 2GB RAM). The response time of the programme is very slow: 30-90 sec just to load, a 3-5 sec delay on clicking any menu or other element before action is seen, a similar delay before edits show on photos, etc. This is much worse than I got running the same trial on an AMD duo core computer with 1GB RAM and XP Pro. I've read a bunch of comments on the web about similar issues but no solutions and no sign that Adobe is taking any action.

Do any people here have suggestions on what could be done to speed it up (other than changing to XP which isn't a viable option)?

BTW, I had no other programmes open, created a new single layer and was drawing on it using a simple brush - definitely not very demanding work
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First of all I run CS3 on Vista with no problem. I have 3 gigs of RAM but only a duel core processor. My point here being you problem might not be Vista.

The first thing I would do if I were you is go to the Adobe web site and get any available updates

I would suggest you also set photoshop do use a secondary hard drive (if you have one) as the scratch dick. Under :Edit" "preferences" " performance"

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I too am running CS3 on a dual core with 2 Gb of ram without any issues whatsoever...very zippy. Something to check out with Vista is the services that are running...it runs quite a bit more by default than xp did and can have a profound effect. You don't really need most of them...I recommend checking out this site for a reference


Good luck!

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How about virus protection? Depending on what you're using, it may be interfering with performance. Have you got SP1 installed? You may have an issue resolved in that service pack.

It's been my experience that some hardware hardware drivers for Vista are a bit immature (read buggy) and can cause long hangs and delays in some cases. I've had my share of driver and stability issues with Vista on a Quad Core (Q6600) based Dell Inspiron 530 with 3GB of RAM, even though multiple Linux distributions run fine on the same hardware. For example, I even ended up swapping my wireless adapter to a different model after trying multiple drivers (claimed by the manufacturer to be Vista compatible) that didn't solve problems with hangs and delays, connection loss, etc., even though the same adapter works fine in XP and Linux. So, you may also want to check Dell's site and download any bios and driver updates for your PC. Here's the driver download page for that model:

Drivers and Downloads for Dell Precision T3400

If you're using any non-Dell supplied hardware, I'd check the manufacturers web sites for driver updates, too.

Another GB of RAM may also help (but, your problem sounds like there is something different going on).

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When all else fails, as it probably will with a PC, you might want to convert your PC into a Hackintosh. You can be running a pretty fast Mac with the latest Leopard operating system. All the info and files are available on-line. You might want to google iATKOS.
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Thanks. Lots of good ideas to check out. My computer has not had any hardware added since it was delivered by Dell. I did connect a Firewire external drive, an NAS drive, and a networked printer connecting through a local tcp/ip port. My viral protection is from Norton (a university mandated choice). I thought long and hard about getting a Mac before I got this machine. But, for its primary woprk purpose, I have key software which does not run under Macs. I know I could use Parallels or similar but, I decided to avoid the hassle of setting that up.

I'll have a look for drivers and Adobe updates and will considering up-grading my RAM.

Thanks again.
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