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What value ofthe settings in Unsharp mask (Nikon Capture NX 2.0) do you use?
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Mark_1, this isn't quite what you're asking for, but USM is an art as well as a science.

Here's an article that gives you some numbers, but also explains USM enough that you can start coming up with your own numbers:


Although the author uses Photoshop in his article, I think that USM works pretty much the same no matter what program you're using.

USM is a complicated subject -- especially when you start asking people for specific values.

If you have three differently sized copies of a picture -- one for the web/emailing, one for a 4x6 print and one for an 11x14 print -- each copy will need different optimal USM values. This is why it is usually recommended to apply minimal to no sharpening to your original (master) image and to use full sharpening on a copy which is appropriate for the ultimate use of the copy.

I guess that's why programs like Nik Sharpener Pro are good sellers!

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Thanks for posting that link, good read.
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Here is a Nikon link that compare Capture with photoshop settings: http://www.nikon-euro.com/nikoneuro_..._dcd1_en_2.htm http://www.nikon-euro.com/nikoneuro_..._dcd1_en_2.htm

Nikon Capture Photoshop
Intensity/Amount 0-100% 0-500%
Halo Width / Radius 0-100% 0-20 pixels
Threshold/Threshold 0-255 0-255

Not sure if it is exactly the same for Capture 2, but it seems to be from my experience.

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