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Jawz, when I'm using PSP. I have several windows open, and PSP 8 just didn't like it. I upgraded, but I still crashed.

How does the 8.01 improve cropping?
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How does the 8.01 improve cropping?
With psp 7 you either have to enter the pixel coordinates right/left-top/bottom of the area to be cropped, or you fiddle around dragging the selection rectangle relative to the ruler display. Doing cropping in pixel unit is highly unnatural (for me). I want to crop an image for a 5" x 7" print, and I want to eyeball the part of the image I want to fit the print.

With psp 8 you can dirctly enter the size of the crop in inches and the crop selection rectangle is generated precisely this size. Now all you have to do is drag the crop selection marquee until it covers the part of the image that you want to crop.

Its not a huge improvement, but I find that the psp 8 croping interface is quicker and easier to use. (I use a free third party tool called 'Photo Crop II' with psp 7 to essentially get the same result as is built into psp 8 ) .
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