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Hi everyone, not sure where to post this but here I go :

I recently purchaseda flat screen computer monitor. Its medium wide screen. However, since then, my digital photos appear on screen in the wrong dimensions, i.e. the 3:2 dimension of the photo's is distorted, either a strectched-out picture or a compressed-at-the-sides picture.

I tried adjusting the computer's resulotion, but after having tried every available resolution on my computer, the pictures still don't come out right. Since I print a lot of images in conventional formats, I really don't want to change the in-camera dimensions (currently set to 3:2).

Can anyone point me to a solution ? Would changing my computer graphical card solve the problem ? Or is it simply impossible to make a 3:2 picture look proper on a wide screen monitor ?

Thanks in advance !


Equipment : Sony Alpha DSLR A-700, with SAL 18-250
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I'm not quite sure what you are trying to do, but here are some thoughts.

Think of things this way - imagine a picture printed on a piece of paper 8 1/2 inches x 11 inches. It fits on that paper from edge to edge correctly. Now try to print that same picture on a piece of paper that it 8 1/2 inches x 14 inches. You have a couple of choices - either your picture has a 3" border on one side, or (if you printed from edge to edge all the way around)you either have to cut off part of the top orstretch the sides way out of proportion, getting that squished look. That's because the proportions have changed - you've added inches one way, but not the other way.

Your monitor is just like that - you've added inches side to side (the wider screen) compared to the height. If you try to force the monitor's pixels to a 3:2 setting, your text and pictures will appear on it distorted.

So the first thing to do is put your monitor back to its native resolution, so you don't have any distortion.

Next thing to do is define when you want a picture to look "proper" on a wide screen. Are you talking about using a picture for wallpaper, or looking at it in a graphics program, where you are going to be printing it from? If you are talking about using the picture for wallpaper, then it won't go all the way from side to side. If you think of my first analogy - you'll have that 3" of border on the sides or be cropping some from the top. When I use my pictures for desktop wallpaper, I have the monitor set to center the picture with black borders around any part of the picture that doesn't reach to the side - never stretch the picture to fit the screen. If you want to have the picture go across the screen in all dimensions, You'll have to crop the picture. Same thing goes for slide shows if you want the picture to cover the whole screen.

Your printing sizes and dimensions don't change with the resolution of your monitor. The proportion of the printed picture will be whatever the picture is set for (3:2 if that's what the camera is set for) regardless of what your monitor is set for. The two have nothing to do with each other, so if you are happy with the camera's setting for printing, then leave that alone.

Hope that clarifies things (and doesn't make you more confused).
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Look for the settings for your video card under control panel (windows). Somewhere, you should find a setting which shows a circle, and allows you to adjust the video card output to get the circle to look round. If you don't have this, try finding updated drivers for your video card.

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I guess you are talking about FULL SCREEN viewing your photos? Some programs won't scale correctly, but rather just send the image to the gfx card.

If that is the case, theaspect ratio and scaling has to be adjusted via the display driver settings. The problem lies in the fact, that normally the default entry is set to "let the computer monitor scale". Now you've got 2 choices:

- leave this entry and configure your TFT screen
- change the setting and let the video driver do it's work

My choice is to set the gfx driver settings, I attached a screenshot of the nVidia control panel (I use a 22" widescreen TFT). The setting means: blow up the image in a way, that the maximum space on the screen is used WITHOUT changing image dimensions. That way you might get some black areas left and right of the image, but the aspect ratio should work.

If you've got another gfx card, you should have a similar setting.

Hope that helps,

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