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Does anyone know of a video editing software which does smart rendering of H.264 .mov files. I am using the DXG-595v camcorder and don't want to degrade video quality with recompression to a different format. I also want to save time saving the files. I'm using the Presto VideoWorks software which came with the camera and it's adequate but still doesn't smart render H.264 files. I've searched the net for such a program but have found nothing.

Smart rendering was common with DVI-AVI files back on MiniDV. There is no sense in reencoding video that's not been modified if I'm using the exact same format.

I am making DVD's for the annual family Christmas party this past weekend and the video is being recompressed two times. It is compressed to save and then it's compressed again as VOB for DVD.

It looks like crap!
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its predictible,because:
1. any stages of transcoding - decreases S/N ratio.
2. most NLE software have horrific[for quality but fast]pre-sets.

try google about X264 and MPEG2 codecs, that you actually use[in you NLE program], because here a LOT of thing, specific only for exact codec brand and version.
for better result i suggest x264 for H264 aka MPEG4 AVC and libavcodec aka lavcodec aka ffdshow[most popular implementation for Winxx], respectively.
and some book about NLE may be helpful.

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