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Default Photoshop Basics - how to?

Hi All,
A very basic question (please pardon my ignorance) but I am having a hard time creating/printing an 8x10 image from a smaller base image.

Using a Nikon D100 raw image, photoshop elements, Canon 9100, WinXP, I get the following settings for an specific image:

Inside Image Resize the settings are:
Pixel Dimensions (17.3M) - H: 2000 W: 3008
Image Size - W: 10.027 H: 6.667 Resolution: 300.

Now ----
If I want to create an 8x10 printed picture - I would think that I would put in a Heigth of 8 and a width of 10 in Image Resize ---- but if I change the Height to 8, the width becomes 12.032 (same thing occurs under 'canvas') --- LARGER than 8x10.

What am I doing wrong? What don't I understand about the image to printing process?? Don't I need to have an 8x10 image, in order to PRINT an 8x10 picture? Should I be resampling when resizing to get a larger image?

My frustrations stems from not being able to control both the Height and the Width - seems to me that I should be able to put in the values that I want and then let the resampling figure out where to put the pixels.....

Thanks all - adobe's manuals are awful and without the user communities assistance - I wouldn't be learning anything!!!!

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Your camera is a 36x24 with a smaller sensor having the same aspect ratio of 3/2 which is the same as a 12x8 paper size. Your resolution is also (W: 3008 H: 2000) 3/2, and so is your 3/2 image size (W: 10.027 H: 6.667)!

The paper size is 10x8 which is a 5/4 aspect ratio, the two dimensions (3/2=6/4 vs 5/4) will never line up (similar to putting a rectangular picture into an almost square frame) so you'll just have to crop the lenght of the picture! You can force the image to fit in an 8x10 format but then the image will be distorted (compressed) lenght wise... Just uncheck the constraint proportion box icon when you resize in PhotoShop to control both the Height and the Width!
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There is no way to get what you want using the Image size box without cropping first. You can do everything with the crop tool. Put 10 inches in the width and 8 inches in the height (or the other way round) with the resolution box blank. It will not resample that way but just discard the pixels on the ends that you canít use. You can then open the Image size box to see what PPI you ended up with. I find it is best to not resample if you have above about 150PPI.

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do not resample up. you will pixelate. uncheck resample and readjust your size and resolution, which will not change the pixels. you can check out the transform feature of photoshop under edit. i don't print out images usually so i can't tell you what things do in that respect, but photoshop cs in raw (make sure you have latest plug in) will allow you to make the resolution whatever size up to 999 so you may chose higher res and then when you edit your image dimensions (without resampling) you will edit or transform to the size you need; if you need to edit up for any reason you will need genuine fractals, a plug-in that you must purchase at a reasonable cost which makes an algorithm of the image for resizing up to, i believe, 10x its original without loss. however, if you are doing 8x10s that shouldn't be necessary.

save your photos as tiffs and not jpgs because tiffs do not lose image quality in compression like jpgs. jpgs drop info to compress.

there are a number of other ways you may do it without recropping. think like printing on paper. you can do an image with more white border for example (your 8 x 12 will resize down to what? a 6 x 10 so your new doc that you create would be 8 x 10, duplicate layer of image and drag and drop dup layer into new doc where you will have a border on top and bottom of image). If your new doc doesn't have same resolution, if higher resolution, then when you drag and drop it will readjust the image size also so that you may crop down (always think down) without losing part of the image. higher resolution down to compressed size not bigger size with less resolution because if you resample up you're going to pixelate. you can resample down so play around. also adobe has a wonderful online course that's very affordable and you don't need photoshop to take it.
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I just do the 8 X 12 and then crop 2 inches off of my final print if it has to be 8 X 10. I now find that most of the stores I get frames and folders from are gearing up and stocking 8 X 12 items. I hardly ever print an 8 X 10 anymore. As far as cost to my customer is concerned I just tack on the added cost of using A3 paper and more ink. I have not had one single complaint yet.

I do 5 X7's and always just crop off 1/2 inch at the long side

4 X 6 is just right. no cropping needed.

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I am having a very similar problem in that the photolab that prints my photos at 4x6 means 1280x1920(3:2 ratio), my S1IS takes the photos 2048x1536(4:3 ratio).

So what is the best way to crop lots of photos to fit the 3:2 aspect ratio of photo print labs while still getting the most of our shots?
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I read in another thread to use JpegCrops and it works very good.
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