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Default Burning DVD's

I'm thoroughly confused w/ all these video capture devices and/or software to convert the analog video into a dvd. I recently bought a backward-compatable Sony digital TRV-815 Hi8 camcorder to transfer my 8mm analog tapes into digital. Now that I can play the tapes, the next step is to get them on the computer for burning a dvd, or onto the tv to record a dvd (right?). I've heard about the firewire, Roxio, Dazzle, and assorted other devices, but could someone please tell me the differences among these, and the pros/cons as well.

Also, I just learned that not all dvd players can play back burned dvd's. Is that correct? If so, what type can?

Thanks!! aleyedig
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I can't help much with the various devices for transfer, as I only use USB 2, which is fast enough for what I do, and has so far, been totally reliable.

As to the issue of playing burned DVDs, yes, some players have problems, and some formats are more prone to problems. Newer players shold be better, as the technology has grown pretty quickly. I haven't had any problems with DVD+ in single layer discs, but a neighbor wasn't able to play a Dual layer disc I recorded (also DVD+). I have heard that the DVD- is a more compatible format, though.
Interestingly enough, the cheapest DVD players have, in my experience been better able to play everything than many of the higher end machines.

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