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Default Opening Raw in PhotoShop v6.0

Dumb question......

Using a D100, shooting Raw - how do I open this image in PhotoShop?

I know I open it as FIle->open as->Raw

But what do I put in for the dimensions for Raw Options???
..............Width, Height, Count, Depth, Size...................
How are these items determined/calculated?
What are they based on?

Why doesn't Photoshop just open the file in a default way (like Photoshop elements)?
---Better still, how come the photoshop help doesn't describe any of the stuff above? isn't that what help is all about??????

Thanks for help
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One more dumb thing to add/ask.....

Since Nikon Raw is in .NEF format -- what do I need to convert this file into in order to get it into PS - as a raw image??
[ps will not except .nef files directly - they come in grey!]

How/Where do I do this conversion?

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Adobe released a plug-in for raw images earlier this year for PS7 Ė I presume it would work in PS6. It isnít cheap though. It might be more practical to upgrade to the new CS version.

Your camera should have come with Nikon software to convert the raw image to a TIFF. You probably have a choice of 8 bit and 16 bit files (24 & 48 ). You can import the 16 bit TIFFs into Photoshop but you canít do much with them in version 6 and 7. You have to switch to 8 bit mode before you can do anything. There are workarounds pros use to do more with the 16 bit files but it is a hassle. The 8 bit files take half of the storage space and are the more practical approach for most stuff. Iím not familiar with the Nikon software, but Photoshop should also take PNG which is also uncompressed and takes a little less space than TIFF. My camera's software doesnít offer a PNG option when converting from raw.
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