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Default Aiptek GVS video to what...?

OK, I REALLY want to stick with Adobe Premiere CS4. However, I've found out it's really not happy editing video directly from my GVS (720/30 gives me black video, 1080 gives me choppy video, sometimes mis-matched audio). What's strange is how the audio can be. Sometimes you can try and preview the video on the timeline and the audio from the beginning is playing at the end. Very odd. Out of curiosity, I tried Sony Vegas. While the videos imported would show up and preview just fine. However, there was no audio what so ever. Now I have captured my GVS's TV-Out before with my SD capture card and edited that, but I really wish to import HD video then export SD... Sooo... I guess I'll be converting video. Any suggestions as to what software to use and what format to export to? I'd like to find a program that supports batch imports since I'll probably have a few files to convert at once
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I am certainly no expert with video, but have had a couple problems with a/v sync on playback after installing a new video card. First suggestion - update all your drivers for audio and video hardware. Also, update your codecs. I believe that Adobe has support forums for its products - you might try asking there.
My problem turned out to be attempting to process the video before display, in order to get some noise reduction, and the video card wasn't up to the task.

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