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Orientation wonít be included in the EXIF unless the camera has an orientation sensor, or maybe a way to manually tell it the orientaion. I donít think too many cameras have that Ė nice feature though. If your camera does it would work for everything but photos you have already cropped. Otherwise the EXIF canít know which way the image is to be viewed and EXIF shows them all with orientation 1. Even if you manually rotate them the orientation still shows as 1.

You can use scripts directly in Photoshop but you have to install this free plug-in: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloa...jsp?ftpID=1536 Someone here might be able to help you with a script Ė it is a Photoshop scripting forum: http://www.adobeforums.com/cgi-bin/[email protected] You have to establish a password but it is a worthwhile site for Photoshop.

Other than that or taking Bill up on his kind offer I donít know of a program that does what you want.

Iíll tell you how I do it, even though it isnít as automated as you would like. I open the image in Irfanview and go File>Thumbnails. I hold the Ctrl key and select all the images that need a clockwise rotation and use the loseless conversion. Then copy them all to a vertical folder. I then rotate all the CCW and send them to the same folder. I copy all the full horizontals to a horizontal folder. Those two folders can then be batch resized in either Irfanview or Photoshop. The modified images I just adjust individually.

Another approach is to just go by height. The limitation of most screens is in the height you can view an image. Many people still use 600 X 800 so an image with a height of 550 will work for most people. If they havenít learned to hit the F11 key they will just have to scroll a tad if they have the lower resolution and several rows of toolbars and a status bar.

In the future whenever you crop an image first save it. Then resize for the web and ďSave asĒ into a web folder. I have a pbase folder I have tried to organize with sub-folders so I can find things and send a reduced size image there if I think I want to put it online.
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Irfan Viewer does exactly what you want it to do!

In advanced options, under Resize|Set new size, set the maximum width and height you require. Make sure "Preserve aspect ratio" is checked and start the conversion. If you set width 640 and height 480, landscape shots will be converted to 640 pixels wide and portrait shots to 480 pixels high.

That's all there is to it.
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