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Default Only half a photo???

Can't figure this out and I'm sure there is a simple solution. Tried a search but no luck there either so I'm hoping someone can help me out.
I've got a handful of photos taking at the same shoot (I am no professional I can assure you) that I can view the whole picture as a thumbnail but I can only see the top half when I get to full size no matter what picture editing program I use. I checked the file size and they are on par with any of the others that I can view as full size. Any ideas what I may have done wrong or have overlooked?
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Most cameras write thumbnails as a separate image. Apparently either your card or camera had or still have a problem. Something is wrong in the writing process. Or you make have damaged the images when transfering them over to the computer.

May I suggest (using a different memory card) trying to take some shots and see how they come out? If they come out ok, you may simply have a damaged card, in which case the data can still be recovered(?).

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I agree with Chato's suggestion to use the highest of high tech problem solving techniques: swap parts.

Do a bunch of experimenting with it. Different modes (whatever they are), different lens if that is possible, for sure different shutter speeds with a flash.

Mess about and look at what happens. Think about it. Do it again.
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I'll give it a try. Nothing to lose right now. Thanks again. Strange that some pics are ok and the others only show half of the pic.
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The images you're viewing are corrupted. Chances are, your memory card has a corrupted FAT (file allocation table) and/or something happened to them when they were being transferred to your PC.

If they're important, use recovery utilities like Photorec to recover them from the memory card you were using when taking them (since Photorec ignores the file system entirely, and won't be effected by FAT corruption issues, as long as the images are contiguous on the media, as they usually are). You should be able to get any photos that haven't been overwritten yet (even if they've been deleted). See this post for details:


After you recover them (and make sure you can see the full size images, not just the thumbnails, since the thumbnail is a separate image that's embedded inside of the full size jpeg files), then I'd make sure to reformat the card before using it again, using the camera's menu choice for format.

I do that every time I reuse a card (format it again using the camera's menu choice for format). No exceptions. That way, the card always starts out with a fresh FAT (File Allocation Table), just the way the camera expects it, since the camera is performing the format, reducing the chance of unnoticed file system corruption issues causing problems later (like the problems you appear to be experiencing now).
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