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Default Print Options in Photo Elements 2 with Canon i9100

I would like some help and info on the proper print options to use with Photo Elements 2 and my Canon i9100. This really centers around color space options and options provided by the i9100 drivers. Most of my shots are landscapes, people and travel photos taken with a Canon 10D in RAW format, processed in Canonís FileViewer (ugh!) and finalized using PE2. When Iím ready to print, I preview the image and here is where the confusion begins. The easy part is selecting the paper, usually Photo Paper Plus Glossy or Photo Pro in the print driver. My goal is to match the colors on the screen with the final print (I guess thatís everyoneís goal). So I select Color Management (the source is sRGB IEC61966-2.1), but what Profile should I select in Print Space. Some of the options are Same as Source (doesnít seem to reproduce the colors accurately), Printer Color Management (which seems to produce oversaturated colors), BJ Color Printer Profile 2000 which is pretty saturated also and one for my monitorís Color Profile (seems to give pretty close color results). There are bunch of other profiles which Iím not sure when to use. I did not notice any difference in results between Relative Colormetric and Perceptual settings. The Use Black Point Compensation is checked (donít know what that does).

Questions I have here is which profile should I be using? Is there one for the i9100 (nothing specific in the list shows up)?

Once these are selected which options in the print driver should I use or stay away from? I usually select Custom Print Quality, Manual Color Adjustment with ICM enabled, and borderless. What should be selected for Effects or should you stay away from these entirely? It seems if you select Vivid Photo, the print is oversaturated. Image Optimizer and Photo Optimizer PRO seem to have a minor effect (have not tried it with ďApply Throughout PageĒ) and have not used Photo Noise Reduction. Are the effects best used when you print direct from the camera or without a product like PE2?

Anyhow, any info you can provide or references to articles or discussions of this topic would be appreciated.


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