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I can understand why you would wish to try Herb's advice as it is easier, but just some friendly advice .... don't do it. If you modify a pictiure, save is as a jpeg, then modify the modified jpeg, save that jpeg, and so, the quality of your photo will degrade with each save. Have you ever noticed if you copy a tape, the copy is never as good as the original? Would you then use the copy to make other copies? What you want to do is the same effect because each time you use the modifed output and save it again, you loose quality since jpeg uses a lossy compression.
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Michael - I've often wondered how far my habit of saving the PSD picture as a jpeg file was degrading the picture, but ACDSee offers a range of compression choices & I always save them at the best quality the ACDSee offers & (for my purposes) I've never noticed loss of quality.

However, you don't have to save them as JPEGS. It also works if you save the PSD pictures as TIFFs. I assume that gets round the objection to using JPEG?
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mdparker is quite correct here. Open your image in Phtotshop for the first time and save as a .psd from there on. When you want a jpeg image, use Save As in Photoshop and make one... but always keep the .psd as your new master...

Layers are a concept used in several types of software. Programs like Photoshop and AutoCAD use layers to provide grouping of image elements and lines.

Think of layers as clear cellophane sheets (albeit with no thickness) that you can flip between to view seperately, or view through to view all the images at once.

Click the "eye" in Photoshop to turn a layer "On" and remove it to turn a layer off (make it invisible). The layer that is highlighted is the "Selected" layer. New images or effects are added to the selected layer.

Photoshop has many controls that manipulate layers. Copy eyes that have red-eye to a separate layer... paint over them with the color you want them to be, and reduce the opacity on that layer to make them look normal.

Layers are very powerful and not easily understood at the beginning. I hope this helps a bit...

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