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Default Colour correction

Hi all,

I'm really trying to improve in my editing skills and my main area of concern is consistancy in image colour. Outdoors I don't really have an issue, but if shooting indoors with mixed light then I'm really struggling with temperatures changing so want to find a way to get skin tones looking correct and consisent in a series.

My dream would be an option that you can say, this is the correct skin tone in a photo then replicate it in the next by clicking where it should be the same..... now can someone please help with the reality.

I use a calibrated TFT screen using Huey Pro, not great but at least that enables me to match well with the final prints, I just want to get what I see on the screen the same for each photo then I'm onto a winner.

I should say I use PaintShop Pro X as I've been doing so for years. I do have CS3 (the advantage of working for one of the largest global suppliers of Adobe software our Adobe account manager looks after us), but I've never learnt how to use it so it sits on my PC doing nothing.

I have played with RAW and jpg but never find much difference as it is my knowledge that is lacking on what to do with the images. I can't bring RAW straight into CS3 as I mainly use a 5DmkII and 7D.

Thanks to anyone who can assist.

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Getting consistent results in mixed lighting situations is very trying. My best results generally come from using either a custom WB or a manual WB. If you use auto WB, the camera often picks different color temps for each shot - frustrating, and really impossible to find a single pp setting which will do for all.
The simplest I have been able to find is to tone down the color a bit with Saturation, and adjust the Hue control for best match.

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