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would highly recommend LizardTechs Genuine Fractals for saving lossless images. I worked up an image last night in CS & saved it as an 8x10" TIFF (17.2mb's) & and a Cenuine Fractals .STN (5.1mb's). The GFractals files really shine when you want to increase image size without artifacts...test drive the free version & you'll buy it!

Yes, but will you be able to de-archive your files stored as .STN in say 5-10 years down the road (when nobody will remember what or who Genuine Fractals was).

This is the concern that I have in this age of eplosive technology growth. Will the file format and/or the medium used to archive my precious image files be readable in the future when I might want to de-archive an image and print another copy? Must I simultaneously archive my whole computer environment (OS | PC | Photo editor | storage media drive | and drivers), or as Voxmagna has suggested in another thread, constantly re-archive the files using the latest file format and storage media of the day.

Following the former course of action would seem to imply that one would soon become saturated with piles of [antique] hardware and software artifacts that , after a time might themselves be suspect as to whether they would funchtion if called upon to de-archive some image file. By following the later course of action, it would seem that, in the limit as the number archived files grew, one would spend one's entire time re-re-re-archiving one's files.

There must be a better way!
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