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Steven - I never get tired of these small "fights".

(Ups is Oops in Danish - you should know that by now - after all these discussions :lol: )

BTW - I have seen you standing along with some aeroplane in some airport (one of your shots) - and to be honest you are looking very small. I wouldn't count on beating me up :lol:
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:lol: *LOL*
Great discussion! Sorry for being off-topic.
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that little engine has a 123 inch inlet and delivers a mere 90,000 lbs+ of thrust. thats a GE90 currently the largest flying turbine engine in the world. its hanging under the wing of one of my B777-200ERs. it gets me where i need to go in various locations around the world.

in front of that everyone and everything at the airport looks small so don't count me out just yet.

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