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Default Importing .MOV (1080p+720p HD) videos (eg: KODAK ZI8) directly to VIRTUALDUB.

Hey guys,I experimented and have finally found a method to directly import videos (.MOV format-1080p/720p HD) for example videos recorded by KODAK ZI8 and i thought i would share with you guys.VIRTUALDUB is a free and light(1.9MB) but a very powerfull video editing(frame by frame),processing (allows to apply various filters) and encoding (compress the videos with different codecs) software

Follow these simple steps,

1) Download the virtualdub version 1.9.9 (latest version) from the following link,


NOW extract the contents of the downloaded file VirtualDub-1.9.9.zip to a folder VIRTUALDUB.

2) Download the .MOV plugin from the follwing link.


3) Extract the contents of downloaded file Quicktime_VD_v0.2.0.0_bin.zip to plugins folder of virtualdub.

4) A folder called plugins32 will be created in the plugin folder of Virtualdub along with the quicktime.ini file.
Now comes the tricky part where everyone went wrong.
Now cut the contents of Plugins32 folder and paste it back to Plugin folder of virtualdub. Now delete the empty plugins32 folder.

5) Now cut the Quicktime.ini file from plugins folder of the virtualdub and paste it to root of VIRTUALDUB folder that contains the Virtualdub.exe file.

6) Now edit the quicktime.ini file using notepad and change the Mode=-1 to Mode=2 and then save the file.

7) Now double clip auxsetup.exe file in the VIRTUALDUB folder, a menu called Virtualdub 1.4 auxiliary setup will be displayed. Now singleclick the install handler
option and click ok. "avifile frameclient install successfull will be displayed"
NOw click ok.

8) It is very important to install QUICKTIME7 to your PC beforehand to get final step to work. You can download it from either of the following links,



9)Now you are ready to open any .MOV video recorded by KODAK ZI8 using virtualdub and later edit/render it.

The Youtube video link for the same tutorial is,


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Works! Thank you! Been looking a long time for this.

Was almost resigned to the idea of recording uncompressed AVIs from quicktime pro.

Why doesn't mp4cam2avi work for ZI8's h.264 output? I've read people say that it works for them, on this very site I think, but all I get in virtualdub is black video

And while we're talking "whys", why can't the ZI8 play back videos? I've tried to convert some AVI films to h.264 MOV in quicktime pro, so it could double as a video player, but it hasn't worked so far I've tried VGA and smaller, 30fps, with AAC audio. Could it be checking for correct size?
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mp4cam2avi works !

you may have to install a codec pack like FFDSHOW to open files in your vidéo editor : Windows Movie Maker or Virtual Dub.
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Playback of MOV files in VirtualDub lag for me, making it impossible to edit. Does this happen to anyone else? I'm trying to edit 720p 60fps. The files play fine in Media Player / Quicktime, it's only in VirtualDub that they lag.
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Many thanks for the guidance on this. I have a Canon 550D which also produces MOV files which I want to edit.

Maybe I was hoping for too much, but I am now able to edit the mov files but can't save them back as mov files? I have to save them as avi? And when I do, the defaults give me massive files ie. original mov file of 220MB becomes 6.2GB avi! Moreover, Windows Media Player can't play the avi files without stuttering (I have Shark codecs installed in default state). I need WMP compatibility to play the files in Windows Media Centre
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Default YouTube movie has been removed by user

Just a quick note to tell you the video at YouTube is no longer available. Apparently, the user has removed it from their account. At least, that's the message when I try and click on it.

Also, if you are installing this on linux, using WINE, the apple download link will take you to v7.6.x, which nobody has been able to get successfully installed under WINE. Try the older version v7.5.5. While I can get it successfully installed, and the a video will play, I DON'T get the control buttons so I cannot start the video.


Originally Posted by drramkishorehs View Post

The Youtube video link for the same tutorial is,


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Default Virtualdub .MOV file

Hi drramkishorehs
I have tried to set up the virtualdub according your advice, but I only get a black screen. Sounds are there.

I have a Casio exilim EX ZR 300

what is the issue.

Could you help me

Many thanks in advance


Hi drramkishorehs

Found the issue
It was my mistake. I had in the quicktime.ini file -2 instead of 2
Change that and it's working now perfectly

Thank’s a lot for your great explanation
Best regards,

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