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Default PS Elements 4.0 on Windows 7-Compatibility

Does anyone know if there is a fix to run PS Elements 4.0 on Windows 7? I have tried loading it on my new W7 PC but it's not compatible. Otherwise, I'll have to sell it. I also have PS Premier 2.0 in the same package.
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What version of Windows 7 do you use? As I understand, the premium versions can use a compatibility mode to allow you to run s/w for older versions.

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That's probably worth a try.

Did it install and you're just getting errors trying to run it? If so, try clicking on your Start button. Then, go to All Programs, find the entry for Adobe Photoshop Elements 4 and "right click" on it. Select Properties, and in the Properties dialogue click the Compatibility Tab and try running it in XP Compatibility mode and see if it works that way.
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Old Jan 6, 2011, 7:21 AM   #4
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According to Microsoft compatability...they don't go as far back as PSE version 4.
Win 7 - 64 bit, compatability starts with PSE v8, with v7 noted as incompatable
Win 7 - 32 bit, All versions are shown as compatable, but doesn't go back to v4

Adobe forum search, while few references to v4 (and where that link above came from), all discussions on incompatability generally suggested running in XP mode.

Of course, the easy fix is to step up to version 9. Here is ther version comparison of what you would ne gaining. http://www.adobe.com/products/photos.../?view=compare Don't pay full retail, look for sales plus Adobe is offering a $20 rebate. Don't know if Adobe store online markedown to $79 includes the rebate or not, But Costco shows at $79, while BB is full retail at $99. Didn't check the office supply stores for specials on software, but Office Max has 20% discount this week on all items that fit in bag in Sundays paper (also online - no bag required) - assuming software (or Adobe products) was not excluded in the fine print.

If you don't want to use compatability mode, or it doesn't work, you can delay the purchase as you look for sales with the 30 day free trial download. With multiple computers, you can even expand that time coordinating the install on a different computer as the trial expires on the other computer.
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I was told that you could use XP emulation in Windows 7 Pro, but need quad core to do this. I have PSE 7 running on my laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit.

PSE 9 was on coupon sale at Costco for about $50.
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I run old programs on my win7 laptop using compatiblity mode. does it load. if so right click icon and go to properties then compatibility and answer the tick boxes.
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I've just tried installing Photoshop Elements version 2 on a desktop (tower) computer running Windows 7 Home Premium - and it installed and works just fine.
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I don't know why Microsoft says version 4 is incompatible with Windows 7. I gave up for the last two years: wasn't taking many photos anyway. Then I tried the above trick of right clicking on Elements icon, going to properties, and setting to run in XP compatibility mode. My current computer is Win 7 pro 64 bit and it seems to work just fine.

I may upgrade to the new version anyway, but is nice to know that I don't have to.
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