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Default Scratch Disk

I'm trying to lighten part of a digital photo in Photoshop 7 for Mac. When I try to use the dodge tool, I get an alert that says the "scratch disk is full". I'm not very familiar with this new version of Photoshop. I thought on a very old version, there was a place on the menu where you could "empty scratch disk" but I can't find anything like that with this version. I hate to start up that old version I had, then my Mac would go into Classic Mode (hate, hate). I called my college daughter and asked her, knowing she uses Photoshop quite a bit but she said, "sorry that's a Mac thing". Can anyone help me? I've tried using Photoshop Help but it keeps sending me to their internet web site.
I do use an old Mac, G3 with 640 ram. The photo I'm trying to edit is rather large.
Any suggestions?
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some info:


I don't use Mac, but I guess it's a disk free space problem

Photoshop uses a scratch disk (i.e., temporary disk space used for storing data and performing computations) when there is insufficient RAM for image editing. When there is insufficient RAM and scratch disk space to perform image editing operations, Photoshop returns the error "Scratch disk is full."

A common cause of insufficient RAM is unnecessarily large files. The higher an image's resolution, the larger the file. The larger the file, the more memory Photoshop requires, and the more likely Photoshop's scratch disks will become full.
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