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Default Stacking help

I am trying combine Z and im not sure if its just becaues its a free program or what not but my stacks are coming out terrible.

I've got some incredibly high quality insects Ive been taking and some stacks are up to 25 images but it seems like its not just taking the best out of each pic(sharpest) but also the worst, I cant explain it, but some of them are getting an effect that heavily outlines a ghosting even tho the layers were aligned automatically and angles are same.

Im experiencing other problems as well.

Photoshop CS4 also stacks but my pics never turn out well when using it either, it doesnt seem to actually "stack", just work for panos but not necessarily pulling detail out of multiple images and combining

I would rather not spend any money right now, but is there something im doing wrong, or do I just need to get or buy a better program?

Please help, I can post some of the horrible stack images if you please to see what im talking about

Im getting to a point where I just want to take the one with the most sharpness on it but the DOF is so razor thin, and ive got all these lovely shots so why cant I get it right as Ive seen others do?
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If you can post a few I wouldn't mind taking a crack at it. I've also tried combineZ without much luck so was going to try writing my own program. Should be realatively easy if the images are already aligned - should just need to pick out the pixels from each frame that are sharpest.
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