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Default Questions re: PIM II & EXIF in Photoshop...


I've been shooting with the Canon 10D for about 8 months and I own an Epson 2200 and Canon i950 printer. I've always noticed that when opening the picture in photoshop the images looked a lot more dull than what I thought I was shooting when I was viewing on the little LCD, but I figured it was just a brightness difference or something with the screen...

Well recently I just downloaded the P.I.M. II plugin for photoshop that Epson provides, and while the Canon 10D supports not PIM but EXIF, the plugin will open EXIF enabled images. Anyways, the difference in the way the image appears on screen is AMAZING! When opened through the Epson provided PIM II Photoshop plugin the image looks a lot more what I originally intended...colors more saturated, brighter, etc. I've always fixed these drawbacks in photoshop but I was wondering if anyone can lend me some info on what exactly is going on here and if this is something they've experienced, best practices, etc. Thanks a lot.

To give you an idea how extreme a difference there is in the opened file, here is the same image side by side, one opened using the PIM plugin for photoshop and one opened regularly in photoshop. The blues and greens are so much better in my opinion on the left, better saturation, not much editing required on my part at all. Astounding! (excues the spelling error in the image, lol)

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I have an old Epson Photo Stylus 750, for which Epson has no PIM plugin. From what you say, the plugin seems to make Photoshop itself more aware of the PIM (or EXIF for the 10D) settings. I have a 10D also.

Here's a site with more PIM information. It appears to be the home PIM page, but I would have thought it would be a .org, not a .com... dunno...


The above site has a list of PIM compliant companies... Canon is not among them...

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