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Default Which software to use to correct/enhance images in batch ?

Hi all ... Well I attended that wrestling event last night that I talked about in a few other threads and took nearly a 1000 pictures with my FZ35 .. and to be honest, considering this was my first attempt at using manual camera controls and also that I was sitting like a mile away from the action, I am *really* impressed ! .. The camera is really very good, and this is actually convincing me to buy a full fledged beginner DSLR (maybe the Nikon D3100) to experiment and learn more .. The 18x zoom on the camera was awesome IMO, and I used it heavily .. And even at 18x zoom, the pictures very really very good !!

Anyways, I have some images which I'd like to maybe enhance in certain ways .. The improvements I seek are mainly the following:

1) Brightening up images that appear dark due to being shot at a fast shutter speed
2) Sharpening up images slightly
3) Fixing the contrast and colors, etc ..

Normally what I'd do to do the above is to just use Photoshop's Auto Color, Auto Tone, etc features to deal with 1 and 3, and manually do a high pass filter in overlay mode or soft mode to enhance sharpness ..

But doing this for every picture individually would be torture, so is there any way I do carry the above enhancements in batch ? Like I can sort pictures out according to the processes I want to apply on them, and to what degree I want to apply them on, and then run the enhancements in batch ?

Also, the techniques I mentioned above to do the corrections are just what I do .. I'm okay with trying anything new anyone can suggest here, just as long as it can be done in batch to some extent at least !

I also dont HAVE to use Photoshop .. In my work place I have all the latest Adobe programs and other big non-Adobe programs available at my disposal, so thats not an issue as well .. I just mentioned Photoshop because thats what I've mainly used for this purpose so far ... But I'm willing to look at other tools too, no problem ..

I will post some of the images I took for you all to see once I'm done processing them ..
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I'm most familiar with Lightroom, and it can do batches. Make the changes you want to one photo and then select the rest of them, click sync settings and it will automatically apply the same corrections to all pictures. If some of them need additional tweaking, you can do that individually, regardless if you shot them in jpg or raw (I really like Lightroom). You could also set up an action in Photoshop and use Bridge to apply the action to the pictures you want. The main disadvantage to that is you don't have the ability to change anything if some shots don't need the same adjustments.
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AFAIK, Photoshop is quite capable of batch processing. If you are looking for something simpler, Irfanview is a free program with a lot of capability.

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