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Default Difference between Elements and Lightroom?

What's the difference between P/S Elements (I have 7.0) and Lightshop?
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Hi the main difference is that elements has layers. Lightroom is for developing RAW pictures but does not use layers, like aperture for mac. Elements uses layers for manipulating pictures
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They are really apples and oranges. Lightroom can do a lot more for organizing your photos than Elements can, and does far more than just convert raw to jpg. In fact, both programs have similar controls as far as raw development, though it's easier to change a range of photos in lightroom than it is in Elements.

There are controls I prefer with Lightroom, like rotating to correct my constant tilt, that can also be done in Elements.

If I'm resizing a photo I prefer to use Elements, then be able to decide how much sharpening (if any) to apply to compensate for the loss due to resizing. While you can sharpen in LR and you can resize when you export, you have no ability to adjust the sharpening for that particular picture when you resize.

While you have some limited cloning and healing ability in Lightroom, it's not anything like what Elements can do.

For me the two programs are not an either/or situation, they are complimentary and work together well. I wouldn't want to have lightroom without photoshop.

It's a lot harder to do certain things in photoshop that LR handles with easily so I wouldn't want to have photoshop without lightroom. If I want to compare two similar shots, it's a piece of cake with lightroom. If I want to make different versions of a picture (i.e., one that's black and white, one that's cropped a certain way and one that's darker or lighter than the others) without creating new files, lightroom does that no problem while you would have to either create new files or make the changes on different layers and turn them off and on to compare - you wouldn't be able to look at the differences side by side like you can in lightroom.
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