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Default JPEG default file format in CS4 - How???

How can I set up my Photoshop CS4 so that the default file format is JPEG when I save files/photos "save as". When I save new photos PS is set up so I save everything in psd or tiff. I want JPEG to be my default option.

Does anybody know who to change it? It would save a lot of time!

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If you are trying to save the file and you do not have an option for JPEG, your bit/channel is set wrong for that save format. To check this: go to IMAGE:mode: select 8 bits/channel. Then try and save. You should see the option to save the file as a JPEG
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I am not sure that you can change the default. You may be able to create an action for it, though, rather than going to the menu each time.

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The 'default' is dependant on your current document.
If you have more than one layer, then it will automatically show you PSD as the format to save in. This is because PS is assuming, at that point, that you want to save the file with all layers intact.
You can choose JPEG from the drop down and PS will (temporarily) flatten the document so that it can be saved as a JPEG. The file will then revert back to a PSD with all layers intact.

If you have only the one flattened layer, then when you go to save as, it should show JPEG as the format to save in.

So it's all down to the number of layers you have.

However, if you only have the option to choose PSD or TIFF, as well as a few other formats but not JPEG, then as DanaInMesa says, convert to 8-bit.

Note: In CS5, you can save a 16-bit image as a JPEG. Choosing JPEG from the list will, as with multiple layers, temporarily convert to 8-bit enabling the save as a JPEG :-)
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