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Default 1080p home movies to disk help?

whats a good software to put my 1080p home movies onto disk?? i have a ton of home movies.....id like to pput them on disk for other family members what do you all use??
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Your question may have been answered, I realize I'm replying to a thread that's a few days old... But... I've burned DVDs from my computer onto disk and it didn't take any special software. I believe that the last one I did, I just did a copy and paste onto the DVD in "My Computer". If I recall correctly, it can also be done in Windows Media Player. And I've used Nero, as well. I wasn't happy with the Nero results, though, because the menu that Nero created, really wasn't compatible with my DVD player.
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I use convertXtodvd and for me it's flawless and use it to convert & burn all of my movie files and real easy to use. Check it out I think there may be a trial as well....Good luck.
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I've been using Nero and depending on the end use you can do it one of two ways

If the end user will view on their home computer or laptop then just create a data disc and add the movies to the disc until the disc is full.

If the end user will view them on a DVD player the type connected to their TV then you'll need to burn them (the disc) as a Video DVD or a Video CD.

I prefer option #1 as it is easier for me and the files don't all have to be mpg video, however if your end user can't view them via a PC then option #2 is how you'll have to do it. As for the drag and drop method mentioned int his thread never found that to work for me as the disc usually ends up blank.

Good luck
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