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Default PS EL2 Panorama looks like a big dish HELP!!!

I took some wonderful, 180-270 degree pics of some incredible hign Sierra lakes with the intention of makeing a panarama. Admitedly I didn't overlap them as much as I should, but they look seamless just the same. The problem is that a supposidly horizontal distant lake shore looks like a big dish--kinda like a great big, streatched out happy face -- which didn't make me very happy. What did I do wrong, and how can I do it right?
If I get them right, I will put them up for all to see. They are worth it!
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Without seeing your pano, I'd guess that you shoot with your camera well off horizontal and your software cannot handle that (I know nothing about PS Elements). Does it look anything like the first stitched image at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/j.houghton/horizons.htm, after being cropped to a rectangle? It is really unlikely that the solution described there is workable with your software, but does it describe your problem?

Panorama Tools with one of the GUI front ends is well worth learning. It deals with problems that the automagical stitching software doesn't. It is also difficult to use and to learn, so don't throw away your easy-to-use stitcher: you will want to use it for simple jobs.
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Default That looks like what I needed to know

Thanks Bob,
When I took my panarama pics I intintionally positioned the horizon (being the far side of the lake) either to get more lake or more mountains benind it. I took precautions to be level left to right, but didn't think about plunging or elevating the vertical. I will look into the suggestions in the link you gave me. THANKS FOR THAT LINK BIG TIME - IT SHOULD BE MADE AVAILABLE TO OTHERS AS WELL AS IT TALKS ABOUT A LOT OF GREAT "TOOLS" AS WELL.
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Take a look at the menu selections under "Photomerge" in Photoshop Elements 2. On the right side of the "Photomerge" (once you've selected the pictures to be merged,) there is small box labeled "Settings". There are two buttons - "Normal" or "Perspective". If you select "Perspective", you can get that bowl-like appearance you describe. I THINK if you select "Perspective" and then "Cylindrical Mapping" (under "Composition Settings"), you'll minimize this effect. Just a thought.

I also like Bill Drew's links and recommendations. Makes good practical sense.

Paul in NoVA
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