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Default R300 error when printing from photoshop 7

I am trying to print borderless 4x6 and 5x7 photos using Epson premium glossy photo paper, but when I go to print I get this error:

"The image is larger than the paper's printable area; some clipping may occur"

and obviously clipping does occur. How do I fix this so that the whole image is printed on the paper? What do I need to do.
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Default Re: R300 error when printing from photoshop 7

Select "Image Size" in Photoshop and change the pixels/inch value to adjust the document size to what you want.

Make sure "Resampla Image" is not checked.

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If the print size is showing as 4 X 6 and 5 X 7 in Photoshop I would guess something is amiss in you Epson settings. Check under Image>Image size.

If you havenít cropped them, select the crop tool and set 7 inches in the width and 5 inches in the height (or the other way round) with nothing in the pixels/inch or PPI box. These boxes appear at the top of the image area when you select the crop tool. It will restrict the crop to the proportions selected. Your images are already in 4 X 6 ratio but you will have to crop some off the ends to get 5 X 7. You still need to set 4 X 6 as the print size either with the crop tool or by just putting 6 and 4 in the appropriate box in Image>image size with ďResample imageĒ unchecked. You canít do that for 5 X 7 as you have to do some cropping since your cameraís format isnít in that proportion. I think it is easier to just do either with the crop tool.
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