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Default How to achieve such perfection?

Are there any post-processing experts on this forum who could tell me how to edit my portraits so as they would look "magazine-worthy"?

A friend of mine took these photos with his A230, which has a score of 63 on image quality, according to DxOMark, and my A35 has 74, but my portraits are a lot more boring!




The difference between my photos and his is staggering, even though I'm supposed to have the better image quality!

So please, enlighten me, post-processing Gods of this forum!!!
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Even though these are your friend's photos and your friend may have said it's OK to display them, we prefer that members do not embed photos in posts here unless they took the photos themselves and still hold the copyright for them (and all images are automatically copyrighted by the original photographer, whether or not a copyright notice is displayed). In other words, you can't use photos that you did not take yourself unless you want to violate copyright law, at least in the U.S.

That way (if members don't post photos that they didn't take themselves), we're not getting take down notices under the DMCA from upset photographers (or their attorneys) for copyright violations because we're displaying their images, and we're not put into a position of trying to make judgment calls over what is fair use and what is not.

So, I've removed the img tags around them and left the links to them instead. Even that way, we'd still prefer the links are to the photographer's web pages so that viewers see the photographer's web site instead of direct links to the images.

As for test scores for cameras... your skill as a photographer has a lot more to do with the results you can expect versus any tests (like the DxO Mark tests that don't even take a lot of things into consideration as to how well one camera performs versus another).

In the case of those photos, lighting was probably the biggest factor. From what I can see of the tiny catch lights in the subject's pupils, your friend was probably using more advanced lighting techniques with soft boxes and/or reflectors.

It looks like the sun was probably in the sky somewhere relatively high over the subject's right shoulder for the outdoor portraits (since the hair is highlighted more from light coming from that direction), using reflectors and or soft boxes to add some fill from the front.

Why not ask your friend how they were taken (time of day, sun position relative to subject, what reflectors or lighting was used for fill to compensate for the stronger sunlight so that the front of the subject wouldn't be underexposed compared to the background, etc)?

Light is a camera's best friend. ;-)
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